Thursday 5 May 2011


Characteristics: Melon is a name given to various members of the plant family with fleshy fruit e.g. gourds or cucurbits. Melon can be referred as a plant or a fruit. Many different cultivars have been produced. The plant grows as a vine. Although the melon is a fruit, some varieties may be considered "culinary vegetables".
Specific cares: Thin when plants touch each other, leaving healthiest plants about 2 feet apart. If desired, cover rows with row covers to maintain warmth and promote fast growth. Water plants during the summer if rainfall is less than 1 inch per week. Contact your local County Extension office for controls of common melon pests such as cucumber beetles and squash vine borers.
Plagues: Deformed or curled leaves. Green, brown, or black soft bodied insects on under sides of leaves. Sticky honeydew or black sooty mold sometimes present.
Leaves with small specks which turn yellow, then brown. Vines wilt from point of attack to end of vine.
Measures: Strong water spray or insecticidal soap spray. Must get spray on the insects to be effective. Some damage can be tolerated. Ladybug beetles are natural predators.
Trap adults beneath boards in spring--turn over boards in morning and kill bugs. Handpick adults, egg mass and young bugs on plants. Adults are about 5/8-inch long, grayish or yellowish brown, flat backed and speckled.
Price:2 TL (1 €)
Date of plantation and harvesting: May-June and September

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