Thursday 5 May 2011


Characteristics: The glistening greens of the leaves and the rainbow of colors of the ripening peppers -- red, yellow, orange, green, brown or purple -- make pepper plants an ornamental, as well as delicious, addition to the garden. Sweet bell peppers go well with just about anything and are wonderful eaten right out of the garden, while the hotter varieties spice up many recipes. Stuffed peppers, pickled peppers, fried peppers -- peppers fit in, deliciously, everywhere. Peppers like warmth, so wait to plant until the soil and air temperature has warmed up reliably.
Specific cares: Provide deep watering weekly for pepper plants. Support bushy, heavy-yielding plants with 2-foot-high cages, or stake them. Apply heavy organic mulches when summer heat begins to peak. Temperatures over 90 degrees F can cause buds and blossoms to drop; the condition is more serious if humidity is low also. Pests are not a serious concern.
Water frequently for a week or two after transplanting, gradually diminishing and increasing depth of penetration.
After that, thoroughly soak soil about once a week. Do not sprinkle late in the day. Mulch soil around plants with plastic or mulch to maintain uniform moisture levels.
Fruit set is determined by temperature. Peppers set fruit between nighttime temperatures of 60° F and 75° F. Daytime temperatures that reach above 95° F will abort blossoms. Hot, dry winds intensify these problems
Plagues:Small Insects found on new stems and the underside of the leaf. Usually green. They suck fluids from the plant leaving a honey dew substance behind. Leaves turn pale yellow.
Mottled leaves. Plant becomes sickly and dies
Measures: Insecticidal soaps or a strong stream of water. Ladybug beetles are natural predators. * Thiodan or Diazinon ? more than one application may be required. * Pesticide use and recommendations for various areas are constantly changing. Check with your County agent for current recommendations.
If you use tobacco, do not handle plants without washing thoroughly with soap. Do not smoke around tomato plants. Destroy affected plants
Price:1 TL (1 kg) 50 p
Date of plantation and harvesting: April-June- July

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